Re: list on Mexico/Chiapas?

Paul A. Reser (pspar@MARLIN.JCU.EDU.AU)
Tue, 15 Mar 1994 09:37:31 +1000

Responding to daves request:
>i was wondering if there was a list that dealt specificly w/ Mexico, and
>maybe even more specificly w/ Chiapas.
>Please eme direct, or to the list if you think others are interested. :)

There is indeed a list on Mexico, Mexico-L@Tecmtyvm. Subscribe on
Also there is a news group soc.culture.mexican which has good archival
sources of Chiapas material. It can be accessed through gopher, and I
located it through using veronica. Recently on Native-L I received the
following blurb, but I have not checked it out as of yet. (Native-L also
distributes information on Chiapas upon occasion - subscribe to the list on
LISTSERV@TAMVM1.TAMU.EDU). Hope this helps.

>Sender: NATIVE-L Issues Pertaining to Aboriginal Peoples
>Subject: Chiapas Gopher Source (!!)
>To: Multiple recipients of list NATIVE-L <NATIVE-L@TAMVM1.BITNET>
>Original Sender: (Gary S. Trujillo)
>Mailing List: NATIVE-L (
>[ This is very exciting news! I haven't yet had a chance to check out
> this gopher site, but will try to do so over the weekend. If it turns
> out that this site contains most of the material I've been relaying,
> and most people who want it can access it via the gopher, I may post
> only the most important of the articles. Please let me know what you
> think of this idea. --Gary ]
>/* Written 6:26 pm Mar 3, 1994 by in reg.mexico */
>>From profmexis-members-error@CGNET.COM Thu Mar 3 09:24:56 1994
>FR: Arturo Grunstein, PROFMEXIS Project Manager
>RE: Chiapas Forum
>The Chiapas Forum has been set up at CETEI, the PROFMEXIS gateway in Mexico
>City. The Forum's menu has detailed instructions on how to subscribe, send
>messages, etc. It also includes an introductory statement and some notes
>from a symposium on Chiapas held at the Universidad Iberoamericana.
>CETEI can be accessed through PROFMEXIS by choosing the CETEI menu item from
>the CGNET menu. Once in the CETEI menu, the forum can be accessed by
>choosing the following: Foros Locales/Chiapas
>If you have not accessed PROFMEXIS, the access procedure is:
>First log on to your local UNIX system, or other computer system with
>Internet connection (using VT100 terminal emulation).
>1) Telnet to: CGNET.COM
>2) At the login prompt type in: GOPHER
>3) At the password promt type in: GUEST
>4) Choose PROFMEXIS
>5) Choose PROFMEXIS Resources at CETEI
>6) Choose Foros Locales
>7) Choose Chiapas
>Once in the Chiapas Forum, please note that there are already some initial
>messages in the Correspondencia del foro.
>If you have any questions, please send me a message at:
>Arturo Grunstein

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