New List

Thu, 3 Mar 1994 14:51:47 EST

IATH-L is the main discussion group for the Institute for Advanced Technology
in the Humanities at the University of Virginia. The Institute was established
in 1992 with a grant from IBM and support from the University, with the aim of
exploring and demonstrating the applications of computer technology to
research, scholarship, and creative activities in the humanities. Fellows at
the Insitute are scholars in the humanities who receive project-specific
technical support from computing professionals; the Institute is also dedicated
to developing software and promoting the application of information technology
to research and publication in the humanities.

The purpose of this list is threefold: to function as a general list for IATH,
where local and networked Institute fellows and their associates may
communicate, to provide a forum for discussion of the disciplinary and
professional aspects of computing in the humanities, and to archive and
publish reference materials and excerpted discussions from this and related

Fellows at IATH each may have a list dedicated to their projects, which at this
time include work on Dante Gabriel Rossetti, the forum at Pompeii, Swahili
linguistics, Langland's _Piers Plowman_, the American Civil War, the Black
Death, and the process of invention. IATH-L functions as an umbrella list
where the fellows cross-post questions and items of interest beyond their own
research. Specific practical, theoretical, and technical problems and
solutions are addressed here.

In addition to discussing issues pertaining directly to the work of Institute
fellows, scholars and information technology professionals from within and
without IATH address the broader implications of the intersection of computing
and the humanities. Questions of how electronic publishing and other computing
work is professionally evaluated, and the cumulative effects of this kind of
scholarship on the disciplinary structures of the humanities are particular
topics of concern on IATH-L.

In addition to archiving discussion threads and informational posts to the
list, as many lists do, IATH-L extracts from its archives to publish articles
and reference documents on the World Wide Web.




Elisabeth Crocker
Institute for Advanced Technology in the Humanities
University of Virginia