Kids, guns, poisonous ladies...

Wed, 2 Mar 1994 01:33:56 -0500

Ah, at last Vance's post makes sense to me... but how is this Educational
anthropology, pray tell?

>Hi there: this is to allof you. I want to know what all of you think
>about the current phenomenon of kids with guns and the violence around
>the world, especially with young people, meaning pubescent teenagers.

Hey, I'm past pubescence, and I still feel young. And I never carried a gun
to high school. Heck, I've never shot anything with more punch than a .22.
What do I think about kids carrying guns? It stinks. If you need to
be 21 to buy alcohol, and 18 to vote, and 16 to get cigarettes, and 25 to
afford car insurance, how are kids getting guns at 12 and 13?
This is what needs to be looked at. I betcha in many cases they are
getting guns from their NRA-loving,
loaded-weapon-keeping-in-unlocked-drawer-type parents.

>What is happening to this world? Any theories?

I suspect the hand of the Illuminati. But then, I always suspect the hand
of the Illuminati.

> I have some friends that
>believe it's alien forces and they're serious.

Which alien forces? Illegal aliens? Space aliens? Aliens 3?

>There's a lady that died
>in Riverside and when she was rushed to the hospital, they were starting
>to operate on her, a Dr. and a few nurses fainted and were still
>hospitalized. Something about her blood. The whole emergency center was
>evacuated becasue of toxic fumes emanating from the woman's body. What's
>going on here? Any dialog?

I read about this story. It was so weird, I had to clip it and send to the
Forteans I know in D.C. I suspect the involvement of the C.I.A.
But then, I always suspect the involvement of the C.I.A. If they can feed
people radioactive pills and dose 'em with LSD, they can do anything. I
don't know what they did to this poor woman, but I betcha it has something
to do with this "Persian Gulf Syndrome" and/or the "Mystery Rat Droppings
Disease" which seems to be targeting Native Americans.

>I don't now how to address this question
>to all of you without just hitting r for response. This isn't just to
>Stephanie. Eva

You got it here, Eva.
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