Paul A. Reser (pspar@MARLIN.JCU.EDU.AU)
Wed, 2 Mar 1994 15:56:05 +1000

>Does anyone out there know of some good films/vids for a medical anth class?
>Any suggestions will be appreciated. Thanks in advance, EJ Sobo

I am always on the lookout for alternative media in teaching medical
anthropology as well. We teach in both lecture and tutorial settings here
so I like to be as interactive and creative as possible. Could you please
post me the results of your inquiry, or better yet post it to the list so
others can benefit. I'd like to hear from others who teach the subject:
texts used, good readings, ways of getting the material accross- wanna swap
syllabi/course outlines?

Here is a suggestion of a videotaped program and is one I am using this
semester. It is entitled "Disordered States" and comes from a series called
"The trouble with medicine" which screened on the Australian Broadcating
Corp. (ABC) a few months back. The one I use looks at schizophrenia in
three different cultural contexts, USA (New York) India and Italy. It does
a nice job of covering the cultural variations in expression and the social
response in treatment. Arthur Kleinman is the main 'talking head'

Each of the the tapes in the series presents a cross-cultural view of
medical practice, from Thailand, Japan, Italy, UK, Australia, The USA and
other countries. Another episode I'm contemplating using is entitled
"Pandemic", contrasting AIDS programs in the US, Australia and Thailand.

The series is a coproduction of ABC, BBC and one of the PBS stations in the
US. I don't know who markets it there, but you can contact ABC Program
Sales FAX (02) 950 3169 Attn: Robert Hamilton or phone (02) 950 3173 and
I'm sure they could give you more info.

I'm also waiting on the release for sale of a radio program on Aboriginal
Health from the perspective of an Aboriginal doctor who takes a
critical/political economy perspective of Aboriginal inequalities in health
and the use of biomedicine as an agent of cultural change. This was given
by Dr.Ian Anderson as part of the Boyer Lectures on ABC radio. It will be
available in mid-March. I'll try to remember to post details when it
becomes available.


Paul A. Reser
Department of Psychology and Sociology
James Cook University
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