Dr. Hellen *FISHER* -- "Anatomy of Love"

Shahin Nassirkhani (eapu464@EA.OAC.UCI.EDU)
Fri, 30 Jun 1995 00:55:05 -0700

hello to all,

Vance Geiger <geiger@PEGASUS.CC.UCF.EDU> asks:

> Can anyone tell me who this anthropologist named Fisher is . . .

well Vance, if you are talking about anthropologist Hellen Fisher, then
i can tell you a little about her, and one of her works which i'm slightly
familiar with and that being "The Anatomy of Love." In it she attempts to
address the bio-evolutionary significance of love and to a greater detail
how that evolutionary past ties with our current social phenomenal called
"LOVE." to make it brief, this is the basic jist of it, five steps.

this is from a male's stand point and involves the five steps leading to sex

step 1) marking of territory: one stakes out one's territory (i.e. He walks
into a bar and upon. "scoping" the scene, He picks a particular
table, chair, or spot to tay at, a "spot" that He feels comfortable
to stay at.)

step 2) initial contact: (ie He looks around the bar and picks the potential
mate, OR around the forest, picking a viable cohort)

step 3) secondary contact: (this is according to her the most crucial step.
this is where a concerted effort to "win" her or him over, is
executed. it could be Him talking to Her, which for the first time
projects something about Him, other than his perceived image.
Dr. Fisher notes that this "coming across" can be the "maker or
breaker" of the whole process.

step 4) synchronization (only after having been successful in step 3, this
is where Her and His actions become synchronized, a sign of
each having accepted the other person. (ie He laughs, and She
laughs immediately following His. She coughs and He cleans his
throat as well. She sips on her beer, and so does He. She
scratches herself and He does likewise, . . . )

step 5) copulation: the final stage, pretty self explanetory. (having
gained your territory, picked your mate, your 'picked' mate
accepting you, and each having reinforced the acceptance of
the other by imitating (i call it 'APING") one another, the next
logical step in this "Anatomy Of Love" is MAKING IT. So you
make love.

i believe there is also a documentary with Dr. Fisher as the host,
which was on TBS (and produced by TBS) last winter.

hope this has been helpful to you, V G, and others.
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Shahin Nassirkhani eapu464@ea.oac.uci.edu
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