Acupuncture and migraine headaches. Alterative Med

Mon, 26 Jun 1995 20:20:28 -0400

8:12 p.m., Monday, June 26, 1995

A few weeks back one of you, sorry I can't find the file, requested
info about acupuncture treatments for migraine headaches and I
couldn't find one in my database. Well, I just finished a 3-day
9 a.m. to 7 p.m. intensive workshop mandated by the New York
State Boards of Medicine and Dentistry for MDs wanting to get
licenses in acupuncture and electrotherapy given by the International
College of Acupuncture & Electro-Therapeutics (permanently charted
by the University of the State of New York). I put in all the
"credentials" because, well, this is alternative medicine you know.

There have indeed been positive findings for treatment of migraines
and I just have to get back to Dr. Yoshiaki Omura to check on that
part of the lecture. Hell, after 30 hours I'm lucky I'm still
functioning. Yes, we got a lunch break but we all ate together so . . .

Anyway, since I last wrote to you all I've been to the National
Museum of Health and Medicine as Dr. Micozzi's guest. He's a
"biomedical" anthropologist (Ph.D.) and a M.D. who specialized in
forensic pathology. You all should visit. The Museum used to be
on the mall but was torn down in 1968 when the Hirshorn Gallery
wanted the real estate. They (Everret Koop and others) are trying
to get it back on the mall but it's currently at the Walter Reed
Army Medical Center.

The day after that I had to present my dissertation at the National
Institutes of Health's Office of Alternative Medicine where several
government agency representatives were guests. You all should look
into the anthropological phenomenon of santeria, shamanism, herbalism
and folk medicine and start now before a lot of pseudo social
scientists beat you to it.

So, that's my little blurb for the evening. Sorry I can't find
the right person's e-mail address but . . .

Anyone interested in quitting smoking? Saw that demonstrated too!

Barbara Ruth Campbell, Ph.D. (Sorry I can't resist it's neat once
your finished!)