anthropology and cuba

Sat, 10 Jun 1995 20:25:22 -0400

I am a Medical Anthropologist and an Endocrinologists and a frequent visitor
to Cuba.
I am hoping to get in touch with Anthropologists with an interest in Cuba
currently or would like to develop an interest there while helping our
colleagues upgrade their knowledge and help them form a Group of
I am in touch with interested faculty at University of Habana as well as
University of Oriente in Santiago de Cuba. Neither school has a faculty of
Anthropology {neither a department nor a division} but there are many
interested individuals in the Faculty of Arts, Philosophy etc.
The Universities are interested in the formation of A Group of Anthropology
within the dept of Philosophy in Habana and possibly within Social
Sciences/Biology at the Univ at Oriente.
They would like contact with their colleagues in North America. For the past
few years the contact has been exclusively with latin american
anthropologists and some european anthropologists and occasional american
If you are interested, please get in touch with me. My next visit is
scheduled for 2 July 1995. Everything is extremely short supply. To give an
example, the course in Anthropology at University of Oriente, the lecturer
has no recent information or books, the students do not have books nor notes
nor a curriculum, as the library has not been able to buy books for a quite a
while. I have been ferrying textbooks sent to faculty members here, when
they can spare one or more, to La Habana. First and foremost our colleagues
there would like contact with the american anthropologists
Please do not turn this into a political issue. The situation is difficult
enough as it is.
Thank you and Gracias
Yehuda Kedar