Die mo"glickheit einer Doktorarbeit in DE

Willard Brooks (willard.brooks@STUDENT.UNI-TUEBINGEN.DE)
Sat, 10 Jun 1995 17:05:48 +0200

I am an American who is studying in Germany and who will soon complete
his M.S. (from an american Uni) in Anthropology. My question regards the
fact that I am considering the possbility of "promovieren" (ie. writing my PhD
thesis) at a German University. My subject area would be Cultural
Anthropology (ie. Vo"lkerkunde/Ethnology and perhaps with a bit of
Volkskunde tossed in for good measure) and I would probably do something
with South or Central America. I am primarily considering the universities
of Hamburg and Berlin (where they have also "Altamerikanistik," ie.
Latin American Studies). Howvever, there are also a number of other
possible Universities ...it is too early to be more specific.

THE REASON FOR THIS LETTER is to ask those interested in replying what if
any benefit this strategy would have from the standpoint of someone
like myself who would like -as so many other thousands would like-
to eventually find employment in the American University system. Your
suggestions are greatly appreciated, esp if you are a Proffesor/in.

Willard Brooks, Univesita"t Tu"bingen.