Farm Family Case Studies

Mon, 5 Jun 1995 10:17:17 -0400

Dear Friends at SANET-MG and ANTHRO-L:

I am looking for contemporary ethnography of US agriculture,
especially FARM FAMILY CASE STUDIES. Also of interest would be
contemporary FARM COMMUNITY studies.

I will be conducting ethnographic fieldwork in the next two
months with beef and poultry producers in five counties of
Eastern West Virginia. In general I will examine producer
families in terms of vision, goals, resources, and markets
(established commodities or niches). More specifically, I will
investigate forage and nutrient management.

Ultimately, we are concerned with managing the kinds and
quantities of stuff that gets into our water, in this case the
Potomac river.

By the way, if by chance you are involved with similar concerns
downstream from here, I would especially like to make your


John Lozier, Anthropologist

West Virginia University (
and California University of Pennsylvania (