life history

Lucia Ruedenberg (lucia@BGUMAIL.BGU.AC.IL)
Sun, 4 Jun 1995 14:30:55 +0300

Here's two references on life stories:

Rosenthal, Gabriele. 1993. Reconstruction of life stories: Principles of
selection in generating stories for narrative biographical interviews. In
R. Josselson & A. Lieblich (Eds.), _The narrative study of lives_
Vol.1:59-91. Newbury Park, CA: Sage.

Rosenthal, Gabriele, and Bar-On, Dan. 1992. A biographical case study of
a victimizer's daughter repair strategy: pseudo-identification with the
victims of the Holocaust. _Journal of Narrative and Life History, 2(@),

Rosenthal also has published a book on life stories that includes
interviews with prostitutes, if you can read German...