institutionalized descrimination

Mon, 6 Jun 1994 09:46:12 -0500

There are several published reports to show that women and minors
(that was minorities) are still under represented in all levels of
academia. Except for the "lecture"/sessional and assistant prof
(in some disciplines), all minorities are severely under rep'd
it gets worse as you go up the heirarchy, with fewer and fewer
minorities in the associates and full profs, still less in the
administrators, esp at provosts, vps and presidents. how many
female unviersity presidents do you know?

several reports to this effect are currently in press with a
special issue of Geoscienc Canada. when i have the full reference
i will let you know if you are still interested.

anyone who thinks that hiring is still not descriminatory and to a major
degree controlled by the "old boy" network, is living in the clouds.