Re: Altruism

Dwight W. Read (dread@ANTHRO.UCLA.EDU)
Mon, 29 Jul 1996 14:17:05 -0700

Cook quotes and replies:

>>The kin selection model was devised to explicate under
>>what circumstances alleles responsible for an altruistic behavior, even
>>though these allelges are selected against from the perspective of the
>>indiviual who has those alleles, would, nonetheless, increase in frequency
>>across the species.
>>D. Read
>If you had said "among the kin" instead of "across the species", what you
>said would have made more sense.

"Among the kin" would imply that the effect is limited to a local breeding
population; the kin selection models were devised to account for species
wide altruistic behaviors.

D. Read