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Tue, 30 Jul 1996 07:27:00 EST

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Date: Monday, 29-Jul-96 04:41 PM

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Subject: Re: Altruism

Cook quotes and replies:

>>The kin selection model was devised to explicate under
>>what circumstances alleles responsible for an altruistic behavior, even
>>though these allelges are selected against from the perspective of the
>>indiviual who has those alleles, would, nonetheless, increase in frequency
>>across the species.
>>D. Read
>If you had said "among the kin" instead of "across the species", what you
>said would have made more sense.

"Among the kin" would imply that the effect is limited to a local breeding
population; the kin selection models were devised to account for species wide
altruistic behaviors.

D. Read

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Granted, but it would still make more sense to have a different name for how it
gets from a group of kin to the species. Assuming for the sake of argument
that there is such a thing as altruism among nonhuman animals, would it be so
selectively strong that all kin groups not having it would die out, leaving
only groups that have it?

Jesse S. Cook III