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Sat, 27 Jul 1996 06:45:00 EST

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Date: Friday, 26-Jul-96 11:26 PM

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Subject: Re: Any thoughts?

> >...It seems that our geographer lectured on how southern African Bushman
> have enlarged buttocks so they can store water like camels for travelling
> across the desolate
> >landscape.

Is this for real, or are the summer doldrums getting to the audience? No,
goddamn it, the Bushman do not store water in their steatopygeous buttocks. It
is believed that that condition relates to fat storage.

R Holloway

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I was wondering how long it would take, if ever, for someone who was not
anthropologically ignorant to put an end to this silly thread. I'm afraid
it's not just the "summer doldrums", Ralph.

Jesse S. Cook III