Re: Any thoughts?

Martin Cohen (mcohen@UCLA.EDU)
Fri, 26 Jul 1996 20:20:15 -0700

Joyce Lucke wrote:

>Now, I have had several conversations with this geographer regarding his
>comments and have checked a few sources of my own to brush up on Bushman
>anatomy and physiology. But I would love to hear how others might have
>approached this situation. By the way, he does not see his comments as
>being in the least bit distasteful or incorrect. In fact, he says he
>visited Capetown twenty years ago and saw an exhibit in the Natural History
>Museum there that supports his information.

The Nazis were planning to open a "Jewish Museum". I suppose that the
Capetown museum of 20 years ago was about as realiable as the Nazi's museum
would have been.

Martin Cohen