Re: BMODs: Searching for subtle interpretations

Beth E. Kaminow (kaminow@GWIS2.CIRC.GWU.EDU)
Fri, 19 Jul 1996 11:01:20 -0400

In regards to who has agency in creating identity, I think there is a=20
strong interplay between culture and the individual. I definitely (or=20
maybe its just intuitively) believe that individuals have agency and that=
there is power of creation in the self in that but we are so inundated=20
with images and ideas as to how to show that self. Also, the media just=20
loves to tell us all who we are based on various identity groups (you=20
know age and the like). Dick Hebdige talks about the interplay between=20
culture and the individual or subculture in *Subculture: the meaning of=20
style* where he uses punk as his primary example. He uses a very=20
Barthien perspective...interesting to read/think about.