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Karen Szala-Meneok (kszalam@MCMAIL.CIS.MCMASTER.CA)
Tue, 16 Jul 1996 13:25:13 -0400

Dear Dennis and other list members,

Dr. Belshaw query regarding Hurricane Bertha and the effects of
environmental disasters intrigued me as well. For earlier
references see

Barton, Allen H
1969 Communities in Diaster: A Sociological Analysis of Collective
Stress Situations. Anchor books

Lessa, William
1968 The Social Effects of Typhoon Ophelia (1960) on Ulithi. IN
Peoples and Cultures of the Pacific. A.P. Vayda ed.
Natural History Press

Vayda A. and Bonnie McCay
1975 New Directions in Ecology and Ecological Anthroplogy. Annual Rev
of Anthro.

More recent works such as
Marian Binkley's
1995 Risk, Dangers and Rewards in the Nova Scotian Fishery
McGill/Queens Press Canada

Marano, Louis
1983 Boreal Forest hazards and Adaptations: IN Boreal Forest
Adaptations A. Theadore Steegman Jr. New York: Plenum Press.

Halsted,P. and John O'Shea
1989 Bad Year Economics: Cultural Responses to Risk and Uncertainty

Douglas, Mary
(Risk and Uncertainty)??? Title may be slightly different

Briggs, Jean
The management of uncertainty in Canadian Inuit Life

Szala-Meneok, Karen
Time and Contingency: Ph.D. Dissertation McMaster University Hamilton,
Ontario, Canada.

These references among others, focus on how people in areas
regularly visited by enviromental perturbations deal with such events.
I believe that there are a constellation of adjustive responses that
"kick-in" but that there is also a mind set which influences how people
chose the responses the make to such disasters.
I encourage further discussion in this venue on this and other disasters.
I believe that the Exxon Valdez disaster has generated a great many
social scientific treatments of Alaskan's responses to this event.
Cheers, Karen

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