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John Pastore (bwplacar@CANCUN.RCE.COM.MX)
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Anyone get hurt by Bertha? Any anthropologists out there studying
the effects of hurricanes and tornados, and earthquakes on world
views? For instance, how many times do you have to live through a
cyclone before you move inland?

I've watched the Maya. The storm called 'Hurricane Gilbert',
September 1986, was to a hurricane what a hydrogen bomb is to an
A-bomb. It was was more like, but not quite, a huge tornado with
hundreds of tornados within it. The sea rose 14 feet and the
wind-burnt jungle and its collapsed debris burned for three years

Serapio of Punta Laguna, which is well in-land, took himself and
family to underground caves for the duration of the storm (three
days), and then had to use the vicinity of the caves for quite a
while before erecting new living quarters.

He and the Maya of the area, of course, ascribed the storm to some
unknown wrath of 'Chaac', the Rain-God.

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