Re: Responding off list

John Pastore (bwplacar@CANCUN.RCE.COM.MX)
Sun, 14 Jul 1996 20:47:20 +0000

On 14 Jul 96 at 13:07, Jesse S. Cook III wrote:

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> >Date: Sun, 14 Jul 1996 02:06:06 -0400
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> >Some messages, even if they are relevant to the overall topic of an
> >email list, create a lot of unnecessary message
> >traffic...Especially when seeking answers to a question, a lot of
> >people respond who do NOT know or have the answer (admit that they
> >do not), and then one or two respond who do. Given the difficulty
> >all of us have in disciplining ourselves to NOT speak up when it is
> >not useful to the larger community, there is very good reason in
> >many cases to ask that responses go to the author of the first
> >message, not to the whole list...
> >
> >There are probably more cases where such a noise-reduction
> >technique should have been applied but was not, than there are
> >cases where someone lost something significant by having it
> >omitted...
> >
> >This means that messages are directed to those who are
> >interested, and not to those who do not want the extra noise in the
> >communications channel...
> >
> >Lloyd Anderson
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> is determined by who *we* are."

Hi Everyone,

I have, previously, been subject to Mr. Anderson and his so-called
concern for "the greater community." Though not a moderator then or
now (though he has portrayed himself as representing, at least, one
list-owner) I know how his policing methods can be of the most
distateful kind. So distateful, as a matter of fact, that if anyone
who knows his address can forward it to me, or, if you wish, my
lawyer, I would greatly appreciate it.

If you should ask why I am asking anyone from the lists instead of
Mr. Anderson, please know that I have.

John Pastore
Hotel Plaza Caribe
Cancun, Quintana Roo, Mx