Re: Anti-Discrimination Laws

John Pastore (bwplacar@CANCUN.RCE.COM.MX)
Mon, 1 Jul 1996 04:16:58 +0000

On 30 Jun 96 at 23:05, Robert Snower wrote:

> The operation of the free market requires anti-trust laws. In order
> to guarantee the operation of economic self-interest, the one
> category of economic self-interest we must outlaw is that which
> makes the operation of economic self-interest impossible.

It behooves one to know then why free trade agreements are made with
entities which are not democracies and whose economies are
monopolized by a ruling elite whose self-interests are just that:

Another consideration, especially for those countries which are
democracies and supposedly operate their economies according to free
enterprise, is the new globalization of businesses as becoming
apparent on the i-net, and its potential to form not only local
monoplies but also international cartels. Recent announcements by
American Airlines and British Airways to, for all intent and
purposes, merge, and new consumer access programs introduced by
American Airlines, and now available on the i-net, may be a case in

As scary as these new potentials are is the present globalization of
business transactions on the i-net being, for all intent and
purposes, based on credit cards, rather than cash. Most of the new
programs for buying one's own airline ticketing, for example, do not
operate at all without first entering credit card information.

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