apology for post

Edward Gosfield (gosfield@DOLPHIN.UPENN.EDU)
Sun, 30 Jul 1995 11:08:35 -0400

hello all

I hereby apologize to all for the posting complaining about RJ's long
forwards of Amazonian politics. The original post was addresed to
<anthro-l-owner@etc.> and intended as personal email, not for the list.

This is a graphic (well,textual) illustraiton of how user error can result
in unintentional publication of private messages. However, as a survivor
of the '60s, I never say anything over a "private" communication circuit
without assuming it is receivable by others (my own paranoia, but based on
objective experience). I also never say anything about someone in private
that I wouldn't say in public, at least if cornered, so I stand by my
remarks. They were intended to be a form of feedback to HJ to contribute
to a consensus regarding acceptable behavior.

I still think RJ's ideas deserve consideration, although I find his style
of presentation obnoxious and his manner of use of the list
megalomaniacal. For myself, I attempt to be a lurker and learner, and in
future will shut up unless able to contribute information of substance.

with humble regret and chagrin

edward gosfield