interminable RJ post

Edward Gosfield (gosfield@DOLPHIN.UPENN.EDU)
Sun, 30 Jul 1995 10:04:05 -0400


I must protest the recent interminable Rondonia document(s) posted by (fwd)
via Robert Johnson. After 100+ pages of scrolling on my monitor, I gave
up and logged out of anthro-l. I don't believe any post on any topic
deserves to take up so much space, even hitherto undiscovered texts by
Durkheim, Radcliffe-Browne, or Levi-Strauss. I am a Digest reader, and
have no way to avoid such material. A simple pointer to an FTP or WWW
site would have served the purpose equally well.

Having observed RJ's paranoia with attendant grandiosity over the past few
months, I find it easy to believe that this is the 'ethnomethodological
method" he intends to use to disrupt the list. I believe this type of
post is inconsiderate, selfish, and clearly beyond the bounds of
acceptable behavior, even if the material is on topic. It literally
makes the list unusable by those of us who read Digest.

RJ's pathological personality is a separate issue from the relevance of
his posts, and his rant contents deserve to be considered on their merits
at all times, (although few will feel inclined to do so) but this type if
excessively long post is a simple matter of logistics and acceptable use
of the list. I shudder to think of what it does to folks who pay per
downloaded byte. I think it is clearly within your legitimate role as
listowner to do something about this if you agree with my
characterization of its exscessiveness.

Hoping for better listmanners,

edward gosfield