ACRA on the Web

Sun, 23 Jul 1995 13:55:16 -0400

ACRA would like to make public its World Wide Web page. Actually in place
since last December, ACRA's WWW home page provides links to many resources of
interest to cultural resources consultants, as well as information on ACRA
and our membership. Who knows, your page may be there!

Of particular interest in the present Congressional context is a special
section on lobbying which contains the e-mail addresses, and fax and phone
numbers of Congress, along with the helpful hints and sample letters we have
posted to the Net in the past. Hyperlinks are also provided to all
Congressmen and Senators with WWW pages of their own. (The Senate URLs are
error prone or their system is not working properly, however.) Due to the
nature of the web, up-to-date alerts and postings will continue to be sent
via e-mail and not posted to the web.

Of more interest to cultural resources consultants is the list of suppliers
who are either ACRA members or have paid to advertise their services. We are
presently soliciting other suppliers and subcontractors to add to the list.
Persons and firms who provide C14 dating; chemical testing; office, lab and
field supplies; historical research services; computer and software services
in cultural resources; document preservation; artifact conservation;
ethnoboty/zooarchaeology; palynology/phytolith analysis; etc.; and are
interested in being added to the list, please send e-mail to me at

The ACRA home page is still under construction (whose isn't), and will be
periodically upgraded. Please check us out at
and remember that the web is case sensitive, only ACRA is in caps.

Comments are welcome, and if your web browser can handle forms, you can
leave a message directly from the page.

Tom Wheaton
Executive Director - ACRA