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H-Net Announces 67 Scholarly Lists for Humanists
& Social Scientists
May 17, 1995 please circulate

A. The Information Revolution is bringing dramatic changes
in the communications infrastructure worldwide, especially
the Internet system that links academics together in a
fast, free and friendly environment. H-Net is an
international initiative to assist scholars to go on-line,
using their personal computers. It operates daily
newsletters edited by some 130 scholars in North America,
Europe, and the Pacific. H-Net has financial support from
the National Endowment for the Humanities, and is hosted
by Michigan State University, the University of
Illinois-Chicago, and several other schools.

B. H-Net sponsors 67 electronic discussion groups or
"lists" by and for professional scholars in the humanities
and social sciences. Subscribers automatically receive
messages in their computer mailboxes. These messages can be
saved, discarded, downloaded to a PC, copied, printed out,
or relayed to someone else. Best of all, the reader can
immediately REPLY. The lists are email newsletters that
are published daily. Currently our lists have over 26,000
subscribers in 59 countries. They receive an average of
15-60 messages a week. Subscription applications are
solicited from scholars, college professors, researchers,
graduate students, librarians and archivists. Each list
is edited by one or more scholars and has a board of
editors; most of the lists are cosponsored by one or more
professional societies. The editors control the flow of
messages and reject flames and items unsuitable for a
scholarly discussion group. The goals of H-NET lists are
to enable scholars to easily communicate current research
and teaching interests; to discuss new approaches, methods
and tools of analysis; to share information on electronic
databases; and to test new ideas and share comments on
current historiography. H-Net was created to provide a
positive, supportive, equalitarian environment for the
friendly exchange of ideas and scholarly resources. Regular
reports from Washington cover developments that affect the
humanities. The lists feature dialogues in the discipline.
They commission original book and museum reviews, and post
job announcements, syllabi, course outlines, class
handouts, bibliographies, listings of new sources, guides
to online library catalogs and Internet resources, and
reports on new software, datasets, cd-roms and World Wide
Web sites. Subscribers write in with questions, comments,
and reports, and sometimes with mini-essays of a page or
two. Important items are permanently stored for easy access
via gopher and WWW. Regarding Book Reviews, please contact
Professor Mark Kornbluh, dept of History, dept of History
Michigan State U, East Lansing MI 48224 517-355-9300, fax
= 517-353-5599

H-Net operates 2-day training workshops for humanities
faculty on how to use the Internet and PCs more
effectively. Contact Executive Director, Richard Jensen
(professor of history, U of Illinois- Chicago), at (615)
552-9923, fax = (615) 572-1024 email =

H-Net Lists

For these lists, send subscribe message to
1. H-Antis antisemitism
2. H-Ideas intellectual history
3. H-Italy Italian history and culture
4. H-Urban urban history
5. HOLOCAUS Holocaust studies
6. IEAHCnet colonial; 17-18 century Americas

For these lists, send subscribe message to

7. H-Africa African history
8. H-Albion British and Irish history
9. H-AmRel American religious history
10. H-AmStdy American Studies
11. H-Asia Asian history
12. H-Canada Canadian history & studies
13. H-CivWar US Civil War
14. H-CLC comparative literature & computing
15. H-Demog demographic history
16. H-Diplo diplomatic history, international affairs
17. H-Ethnic ethnic, immigration & emigration studies
18. H-Film scholarly studies & uses of media
19. H-German German history
20. H-Grad for graduate students only
21. H-High-S teaching high school history/social studies
22. H-Judaic Judaica, Jewish History
23. H-Labor labor history
24. H-LatAm Latin American history
25. H-Law legal and constitutional history
26. H-Local state and local history & museums
27. H-Mac Macintosh users
28. H-MMedia high tech teaching; multimedia; cd-rom
29. H-NZ-OZ New Zealand & Australian history
30. H-PCAACA Popular Culture Assoc. & American Culture Assoc
31. H-Review H-Net book reviews [reviews only, no discussions]
32. H-Rhetor history of rhetoric & communications
33. H-Rural rural and agricultural history
34. H-Russia Russian history
35. H-SAE European anthropology
36. H-SHGAPE US Gilded Age & Progressive Era
37. H-South US South
38. H-Survey teaching US Survey
39. H-State welfare state; "putting the state back in"
40. H-Teach teaching college history
41. H-W-Civ teaching Western Civ
42. H-West US West, frontiers
43. H-Women women's history
44. H-World world history & world survey texts

For these lists, send subscribe to LISTSERV@KSUVM.KSU.EDU
45. H-Pol American politics
46. H-War military history

For these lists, send subscribe to LISTSERV@VM.CC.PURDUE.EDU
47. H-France French history
48. Habsburg Austro-Hungarian Empire

For this affiliated list (reviews only, no discussion), send to
49. LPBR-L Law & Politics Book Review

For these affiliated Cliometric Society lists, send
subscribe message to
50. H-Business business history
51. Databases design & management of historical databases
52. EH.RES economic history short research notes & queries
53. EH.DISC economic history extended discussion
54. EH.NEWS economic history news, announcements
55. EconHist.Macro macroeconomic history, business cycles
56. EconHist.Student students & faculty in economic history
57. EconHist.Teach teaching economic history
58. Global.change economic history dimensions of global change
59. Quanhist.recurrent comparative recurrent phenomena

Planning stage: (summer 1995) [do not subscribe yet]
60. H-Af-Am African American studies
61. H-AmInt American intellectual history
62. APPALNET Appalachian studies
63. H-Japan Japanese studies
64. H-MusTex lyrical texts; opera
65. H-RenRef Renaissance-Reformation
66. H-UCLEA Labor Studies
67. H-Ukrain Ukrainian studies

C. H-Net Gophers: try the H-NET gopher at U of Illinois-Chicago
GOPHER look under 10 researcher/19 history/1 H-Net

D. To subscribe: send this 1-line email message to (or to the listserv address given)
SUBSCRIBE H-xxxx Firstname Surname, Affiliation
where H-xxxx = list name; for example, send this to
subscribe H-TEACH Jean Brown, Western State U.
You will get a computer generated response, followed soon by a
short questionnaire (name, address, teaching and research
interests). The editors will sign you up when you return it.
The messages will automatically arrive in your mailbox.
E. To send an announcement or a job ad to the lists, send it to The Job Guide appears weekly--ads are
free, and we especially solicit part-time, temporary,
adjunct and non-teaching appointments.
F. For detailed information on H-Net, send this message to
or write us at: