Re: social origins of anthro-l having been about robt johnson

Mr J.M. Ottevanger (J.Ottevanger@LIVERPOOL.AC.UK)
Thu, 20 Jul 1995 16:37:55 +0100

In the last mail Robert Johnson said:
> I get the feeling that there may have been something said about
> my return to anthro-l that I may not have been fully informed
> about or possible posted before the computer was unrigged to
> facilitate my right to be a member of this list group.

There wasn't.

> If there was a statement posted before the legally
> mandatory return of my membership to this forum that I am unaware of,
> and in consideration of the fact that anyone even the most ignorant
> among you would consider that I have come "crawling" back, and if
> such a statement implied this, then it would have been a lie.

There wasn't

> Hugh, I'd better not find out that you made some self-serving
> statement concerning my return to anthro-l. I'm still quite
> willing to take you and Ezra, and SUNY-BUFFALO to court to
> clarify this issue if necessary.
He didn't, at least not to the list. Welcome back(?)