Re: social origins of anthro-l having been about robt johnson

Thomas W. Rimkus (trimkus@COMP.UARK.EDU)
Thu, 20 Jul 1995 10:23:10 -0500

> If you did and if you unsubscribe me again, I'll file suit on you
> in federal court by the first of next month.
> Robert Johnson

Liberation Anthropology? Who is RJ trying to liberate, himself? Anyone
who uses bluff threat to get attention needs serious liberation. The net
may be unresricted, but it seems to me that a privately owned list which
gives access with whatever restrictions it may deem necessary is not by law
required to provide anyone with unrestricted airtime for childish
blatherings. I was kicked off one list dedicated to the subject of building
PC's because I asked a question about software - that was the listowner's

I find the methods of bullying thru threat of lawsuit very immature and
stupid. He should consult with a lawyer before threatening anyone else. This
simply makes him look like a fool. While he is at it, he might ask about
the possibility of a class action lawsuit by the rest of us against him to
compensate us for injury to our delete key fingers:> I sense we are looking
at the results of the good guy/bad guy mentality of Hollywood here. RJ
is not the only, the first, nor even the most concious advocate of
enlightenment in the social sciences, he is simply one of the most noisy.
Maybe another visit to the hated RJ Keybored Correctional Facility
where I had to spend a very unpleasant night would do him some remedial good.

Threat of lawsuit seems to be somewhat akin to threat of violence, it is
simply another way to bully. My vote would be to make threat of lawsuit a
reason for unsubscription, but that decision is the listowner's.

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