Re: Bosnian situation and anthropology...

Ralph L Holloway (rlh2@COLUMBIA.EDU)
Mon, 17 Jul 1995 17:41:06 -0400

pCadice Bradley asks an interesting question. What DO we think about the
situation...I'm not sure that there has been much of a protest by Moslem
nations. If so, no, it doesn't seem to be reported. My thoughts are that
if the Bosnians were not Moslem and were overwhelmingly Christian, the
Western Nations might be somewhat more dynamic in trying to find a
solution. Perhaps even the Pope might say something more frequently...
So much for thoughts, for it is mainly feelings that I have, and they
richochet somewhere between intense depression and rage. I guess the
message is that "tribe" is far stonger in the affairs of humankind than
sweet reason, rationality, UN aspirations, hopes, the dignity of the
species, etc., etc. We are watching a relatively small group of thugs
give us (the World) the finger everyday. The UN, NATO, and Western
Nations are helpless in this situation, permitting another holocaust on
the heels of the previous few (Vietnam, Cambodia, Rwanda, etc). In each
and every case enmities at the tribal, clan, nationstate level, or
whatever, far subordinate the World community (whatever the hell that
really is). League of Nations, here we are again. Of course, Desert Storm
was something else, wasn't it...
In short, I've got no answers, no program (aside from rage), and no
coherant intellectual argument, and I would not hold my breath waiting
for one to emerge out of the anthropologucal community...
Ralph Holloway