(Fwd) Chain letter to protest to French Government

Sat, 15 Jul 1995 17:44:27 +1200

Chain letter to protest to French Government - see explanation below

1 SHIMIZU Seishi Physics,University of Tokyo,Japan
2 Yuichi Nishihara Physics,University of Tokyo,Japan
3 Hirohisa TANIGUCHI Physics,University of Tokyo,Japan
4 Takashi Tomoeda Physics,University of Tokyo,Japan
5 Tomoki KOBAYASHI Physics,University of Tokyo,Japan
6 Munehito ARAI Physics,University of Tokyo,Japan
7 Akira Okazaki Physics,University of Tokyo,Japan
8 Atsushi Matsumura Physics, Tohoku University, Japan
9 Kouta Yamamoto Chemistry,Tohoku University,Japan
10 Yasushi UJIOKA Degremont S.A., France
11 Toru Hara Universite de Paris Sud, France
12 Rene Bakker CEA - Sacley, France
13 David Garzella Universite de Paris Sud, France
14 Henk Blok Vrije Universiteit/NIKHEF, Amsterdam
15 Igor Passchier NIKHEF, Amsterdam
16 Ard van Sighem NIKHEF, Amsterdam
17 Johan Noordhoek KOL Leiden
18 C.M.C.M. van Woerkens Kamerlingh Onnes Laboratory, Leiden
19 Annemarie Borst, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
20 Gijs Nelemans Universiteit Utrecht
21 Susanne Buiter Universiteit Utrecht
22 Yvo Kok Paleomagnetic Lab., Utrecht
23 Thom Pick Paleomagnetic Lab., Utrecht University
24 Dagmar Olbertz Universiteit Utrecht
25 Eleonore Stutzmann Institut de Physique du Globe de Paris, France
26 Nicole Girardin Institut de Physique du Globe de Paris, France
27 Francois Girardin Ecole Nat. Sup. des Telecommunications,France
28 Axel Manthey Comnets, RWTH Aachen, Germany
29 Guido Eicheler Aachen, Germany
30 Christoph Schaefer RWTH Aachen, Germany
31 Albert Kim RWTH Aachen, Germany
32 Thomas Dekorsy RWTH Aachen, Germany
33 Reinhard Scholz Scuola Normale Superiore, Pisa, Italy
34 David Neilson Scuola Normale Superiore, Pisa, Italy
35 David Wiltshire University of Adelaide, South Australia
36 Brian G. Wybourne Instytut Fizyki, UMK, Torun, Poland
37 Geoff Stedman Phys&Astr,Univ. Canterbury,Christchurch NZ
38 Geoff Austin Physics, Univ of Auckland, NZ
39 Irene C. Barnett Physics, Univ of Auckland, NZ
40 Stephen. W. Barnett HortResearch, Auckland, NZ
41 Shona Murray Sensory Science, HortResearch, Auckland, NZ
42 Susan McDermott HortResearch, Auckland, NZ
43 Blair Miller Soil Science, Lincoln University, NZ
44 Alister Metherell AgResearch, Lincoln, NZ
45 Lesley Hunt AgResearch, Lincoln, NZ
46 David Saville AgResearch, Lincoln, NZ
47 Gavin Kenny CEARS, University of Waikato, Hamilton, NZ
48 Graham Sims CEARS, University of Waikato, Hamilton, NZ
49 Peter O'Regan, Environment Waikato, Hamilton, New Zealand
50 Erica Harris, Environment Waikato, Hamilton, New Zealand
51 Karen Denyer, Environment Waikato, Hamilton, New Zealand
52 Bill Ballantine, Leigh Marine Lab.,NZ
53 Jo Evans, Leigh Marine Laboratory, New Zealand
54 Richard McKenzie, NIWA Lauder, Central Otago, New Zealand
55 Julian Orange, NIWA Lauder, Central Otago, New Zealand
56 Hugo van Gorkom, Silicon Systems, Wellington, New Zealand
57 Chris Harris, Wellington Polytechnic, New Zealand
58 Diane Bennett, Victoria University of Wellington, NZ

Dear People,

This is a chain letter to urge the french
government to stop nuclear tests.
If you agree with us, please add your name to the list above,
and send copies to your friends.
We will add up the lists that had come back to us, and send it
to the French Government.

If you happen to be the hundredth,two hundredth, three hundredth,
and so on, on the list, please send a copy of the mail back to the
addresses below, so that we can keep track of this project. If you
have any comment please send mails to us. And also,
if you are multi-lingual and have friends who may not understand
English, please translate this message and add it to the end of the
Thank you very much.

******* addresses of the organizers
keshi@uticeaix1.icepp.s.u-tokyo.ac.jp <- please use this adress

10th July 1995

A Personal Appeal To French Scientists

Today is the tenth anniversary of the French bombing of the Rainbow
Warrior ship when peacefully berthed at Auckland harbour in New
Zealand. This act of international state sponsored terrorism
resulted in one death. The death toll would have been considerable
had the the bomb exploded an hour or so earlier.

There should be no place for such state sponsored terrorism - this
was not the action of a civilised nation.

Now it is proposed by France that nuclear tests will resume in the
Pacific in spite of widespread protest. I consider that France has
no right to conduct tests in the Pacific, as indeed has any other
country. The current tests show a degree of colonial arrogance that
should not be part of this age. Just when it seemed we were
eliminating the scourge of nuclear testing France recommences its
testing programme and gives motivation to others to resume tests. For
several years the Pacific has been a nuclear free zone and now France
chooses to arrogantly ignore the wishes of the peoples of the Pacific
and exercise its colonial policies. French people rightfully object
to tests in France and should likewise object to imposing tests on
other peoples.

Even as I write, French commanders have launched a cowardly tear gas
attack on Rainbow Warrior II, one day short of the tenth anniversary
of the French terrorist sinking of the original Rainbow Warrior. The
peoples of the Pacific are very angry at the continued abuse of the
Pacific by the French nation.

Past abuses by France and other nations are no justification
restarting such abuses. As a former resident of New Zealand I
strongly appeal to all French scientists to restore the honour of
France and to demonstrate to the world that France is a civilised
country by vigorous protest to all appropriate French authorities.

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Chris Harris chris.harris@wnp.ac.nz
Computer Support Group +64 (4) 385-0559 x 8421
Wellington Polytechnic
New Zealand
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