Senate E-Mail Addresses

Fri, 14 Jul 1995 10:57:52 -0400

To the Preservation Community:

In the past, we thought that e-mail was being disregarded by Congress since
it is so easy for one person to flood cyberspace with lots of mail.
Recently, Loretta Neumann (CEHP) was informed by some staffers that e-mail
is being treated the same as regular mail. ACRA is providing this publically
available list of Senate e-mail addresses. Only about half the Senators have
e-mail addresses so far, but these may be critical in the weeks ahead as we
quickly respond to changing circumstances in our attempts to protect the
Council, the Trust, etc. from extinction.

Tom Wheaton
Exec Dir - ACRA

AZ R Kyl, Jon
AZ R McCain, John
CA D Boxer, Barbara
CO R Brown, Hank
CT D Dodd, Christopher
CT D Lieberman, Joseph
DE D Biden, Joe
GA R Coverdell, Paul
IA D Harkin, Tom
IA R Grassley, Charles
ID R Craig, Larry
ID R Kempthorne, Dirk
IL D Simon, Paul
IL D Moseley-Braun,Carol
IN R Lugar, Richard
KY D Ford, Wendell
LA D Breaux, John
LA D Johnston, J.Bennett
MA D Kennedy, Ted
MA D Kerry, John
MD D Mikulski, Barbara
MI D Levin, Carl
MN R Grams, Rod
MN D Wellstone, Paul
MO R Ashcroft, John
MT D Baucus, Max
MT R Burns, Conrad
NE D Kerrey, Bob
NH R Gregg, Judd
NH R Smith, Bob
NJ D Bradley, Bill
NM D Bingaman, Jeff
NM R Domenici, Pete
NV D Reid, Harry
OH R Dewine, Michael
OK R Nickles, Don
RI R Chafee, John
SC D Hollings, Ernest
SD D Daschle, Thomas
SD R Pressler, Larry
TN R Frist, Bill
TX R Hutchison, Kay
VA D Robb, Charles
VA R Warner, John
VT D Leahy, Patrick
VT R Jeffords, Jim
WA R Gorton, Slade
WI D Feingold, Russell
WV D Rockefeller, Jay