Fri, 14 Jul 1995 08:40:10 -0400

Thanks to you and everyone else who called, wrote, faxed or met with their
Congressman, Rep. Sander's Amendment passed by a large majority last night.
At least in the House, the Advisory Council is back in and fully funded!
The Hutchinson Amendment to close down the National Trust for Historic
Preservation lost. So we won twice last night. Now on to the Senate!!!!

I would like to take this opportunity to reiterate a message that Mike Polk
recently put out on the net to the effect that it is perhaps premature to
count us down and out and start planning for the funeral. This is really not
the time to divert our attention to what will happen if we ultimately lose.
(Sure, the system needs some work, but let's make sure we have the system
first.) This is the time to focus on the Senate like we did on the House.
We can win this thing if we keep on pushing.

The ACRA Board would especially like to thank those of you who are members of
ACRA for coughing up the money to make it possible for us to hire Loretta
Neumann so we could bring people the most up to date information available
and the best plans of action around. We know from sources here and there
that the call-in campaigns urged by ACRA, and by many others across the
country, played a major role in the outcome. We were the squeakiest wheel

In a few minutes, we will be sending out a message from Loretta Neumann on
last night's vote. Please remember to call your representative's office,
find out how he/she voted and send a thank you note or a letter of
disappointment, depending.


Tom Wheaton
Executive Director - ACRA