Thomas Fillitz (thomas.fillitz@UNIVIE.AC.AT)
Fri, 14 Jul 1995 13:18:20 +0100

>> On Tue, 11 Jul 1995, Robert Johnson wrote:
>> > In January, while doing fieldwork among Neo-Nazi groups in Germany,
>> > I acquired a text titled DEUTCHLAND ERWACHT by Cigarettan*
>> > Bilderdienft Hamburg*Bahrenfeld published 10 November 1933 at the
>> > direction of Adolf Hitler.
>> Soll es nicht "Bilderdienst" geschrieben werden? Wenn es so geschrieben
>> gewesen waere, dann wuerde ich mich schaetzen, dass es ein Faelaschung
> Ein Amerikaner kann leicht ein "f" da lesen wo es im
>Gotischen ein "s" steht. Since most german books were, back
>then, printed in gothic, I think your conclusion might be hasty.
> Andre Costopoulos
> Universite de Montreal
> Anthropologie

The same problem happens to Germans and Austrians who are not anymore
familiar with gothic writing, insofar Costopoulos is right.
The other point is that the present Neo-Nazi scene likes to publish texts
which had been so-called published in Hitler time; the best way to find out
whether it is a fake is to contact a *Widerstands-Dokumentationsarchiv* as
they have the best documentation on such printed stuff.

Thomas Fillitz

Thomas Fillitz Institut fuer Voelkerkunde University of Vienna