Re: changes in kissing practices

Fri, 7 Jul 1995 20:37:53 -0400

Among adults and youngsters in New York City from the Dominican Republic
and many other Latin American countries living in close proximity to them
the custom is de riguer -- a cheek is offered for a full contact kiss
then the lips are pursed to correspond. This takes place among females
and between males and females but not among males. The practice of
kissing like this, however, can be seen transculturally in this area but
it is more rare, saved for special occasions.

Cubans, on the other hand, whose culture seems unique, do engage in
male-male kissing within the family (children vis-a-vis their elders and
vice-versa) but their public display of kissing-as-greeting is subdued
and limited relative to the cultures mentioned above, and then only as a
"female thing".

On Sat, 24 Jun 1995, James P. Hurd wrote