Re: "eastern" and "western"

Cal Eastman (shiva@FREENET.SCRI.FSU.EDU)
Tue, 26 Jul 1994 10:25:41 18000

> Are you complaining again Boom?
> Chester
i dont think complaining ids the right word....
im pointing out what i see as an outdated use of language.
unlike the PC fascist i propose no sanctions against users of these
words, i will not deny them tenure, nor find them to be the enemy.
if i were japanese id probably complain about the words for husband
and wife (which trabslate to "lord and master" and "person in back of
the home" as being outdated and dangerous.....
do you believe that the language we use shapes our thoughts?????

peace and have fun ;)

Boom shiva
mahalinga nataraj
(puffiness 4evah)