Re: Hodenausaunee Egalitarianism (was: Re: WANTED: A good (fwd)

Bret Diamond (diam9018@TAO.SOSC.OSSHE.EDU)
Sat, 27 Jan 1996 21:49:11 -0800

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Subject: Re: Hodenausaunee Egalitarianism (was: Re: WANTED: A good
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On 1/27/96, (actually for several days now) Ruby and Ralph write:

> On Sat, 27 Jan 1996, Ruby Rohrlich wrote:
> > Ralph, if you don't know anything about the Iroquois and egalitarianism
> > then you are even more retarded than I thought possible. Repress your
> > anger, if that's possible, and read some traditional anthropology, if you
> > haven't lost the knack. And this is the very last of my communications to
> > you, regardless of the poison you emit. Ruby Rohrlich
> Trouble with you, Ruby, is that you haven't got any sense of humor...
> Ralph

For the past two years that I have been on this list, both of you have
made wonderful, thought-provoking contributions to Anthro-l. However,
your continued petty-bickering on the list is an embarassment to both the
list, and to our discipline. No one is saying that you can't/shouldn't be
human, but PLEASE, take your fighting off the list!?!

Bret D.