Re: revitalization movements

thomas w kavanagh (tkavanag@INDIANA.EDU)
Wed, 10 Jan 1996 09:07:35 -0500

On Wed, 10 Jan 1996, JEROME H. BARKOW wrote:

> A.F.C. Wallace's revitalization stuff first appeared around 40 years
> ago and is definitely out-of-fashion.

One trajectory of development follows Wallace's extention/generalization
of the revitalization stuff into his "paradigmatic processes of cultural
change" (AA 74:467-78). A parallel line was taken by Roy Rappaport
(Ritual, Sanctity and Cybernetics, AA 73: 59-76; the Sacred in Human
Evolution AR Ecol & Sytematics), and later by Kent Flannery (Cultural
Evolution of Civilizations) and beyond with the archaeologists (Sanders
and Webster, Unilinealism, Multilinealism, and the Evolution of Complex
Societies, 1978).

> As far as I can tell, the kinds
> of phenomena with which he was concerned today are discussed under the
> rubric of "identity," the "politics of identity" in particular. A
> union or synthesis of the Wallace framework and more recent approaches
> is needed.

Question: Do these "politics of identity" studies subsume the
ethnogenesis and/or "re-tribalization" studies or do they indeed "start
from scratch"?