revitalization movements

Wed, 10 Jan 1996 09:02:26 -0400

>As I understand the operation here, a revitalization movement is a
>cultural response to stress that, among other things, is headed by a
>charismatic leader and hearkens to the glory days of the past: in other
>words, is inherently conservative in nature. Is anyone considering the
>contemporary United States in this framework? Is the framework
>David Hughes

A.F.C. Wallace's revitalization stuff first appeared around 40 years
ago and is definitely out-of-fashion. As far as I can tell, the kinds
of phenomena with which he was concerned today are discussed under the
rubric of "identity," the "politics of identity" in particular. A
union or synthesis of the Wallace framework and more recent approaches
is needed. One of my M.A. students did a rather preliminary synthesis,
last year, and it seemed to work OK but the material has not been
published. I find the Wallace framework quite powerful and lament that
the identity stuff seems to start from scratch rather than building on
his work.

Jerry Barkow