Re: Reading Images

Elizabeth Vance (epoland@OSF1.GMU.EDU)
Thu, 4 Jan 1996 23:18:49 -0500

Oh, I don't know. My cat chases the cursor on my screen. It's probably
simply the movement it makes. We can recognize that the cats are
chasing something, but we can't presume they see the object the same way
we do. For all I know, Vincent (my cat) may think my cursor is just a
flat blinky bug.

- Elizabeth

> Whoa, Bob! I don't know about your cats, but mine certainly know a bird
> is a bird is a bird whether its on the windowsill or the television.
> One of my cats even tries to hunt animated birds when displayed on a
> hi-res computer. Can't say what dogs see though.
> Happy New Year!
> Jessie