observing the whole quitting the list thing.

stephanie m huelster (huelster@STUDENTS.WISC.EDU)
Mon, 30 Jan 1995 19:22:42 -0600

the list' and turning her back on us all forever Alysa replied to Leif's
message by defending her position, explaining her self and basically
supplying an intelligent and consciencious rebuttle to his comments. After
this, he similarily offered a reply to her reply. No one was hurt and
discourse seemed to be restored. So I took this to be an example of
positive discourse as well as an example of how courteous responses to
challenging remarks can be made. For my part, if one reads an opinion or
attack they find particularily offensive, I feel they should say so in as
clear and neutral a way as possible. The above exchange seemed to be an
example of how we can be drawn back in so to speak if the challenge is
made in the way most likely to entice the reader. While the name calling
and opinion bashing is tedious and incidentally, easy enough to scroll
through at a rapid pace, it is also amusing and human and can be a learning
experience, if only to provide those who are disgusted with a model of what
they hope never to be like. I for one would much rather know that you are
all out there ahead of time before I present some idea at meetings and
confront opposition head on etc...

Don't leave angry-stick around ! The
next post you read may make you laugh. Stephanie M Huelster