Fw: WWW site with newly discovered cave paintings

Anita Cohen-Williams (IACAGC@ASUVM.INRE.ASU.EDU)
Mon, 30 Jan 1995 17:54:14 -0700

should know where this item came from.

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Subject: WWW site with newly discovered cave paintings


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>Greetings friends,
>Please note the following from FYIFrance, courtesy of Alex Ross.
>Peter Blank
>>FYIFrance EXTRA: the new French cave paintings, already online!
>>Anyone looking for a dramatic example of the power of the nets might
>>look at WorldWideWeb / Mosaic address
>> http://www.culture.fr/gvpda.htm
>>which was announced yesterday.
>>This is a link, on the French Ministry of Culture's homepage, which
>>leads to text and four images -- and what hopefully will become even
>>more images and online text -- about the recent Combe d'Arc (Arde`che)
>>prehistoric cave art discovery: caves larger and perhaps more beautiful
>>than those at Lascaux.
>>There are two things remarkable to me about this resource. First, of
>>course, is that it describes what may become one of the more
>>significant discoveries in all art history. But in addition, and even
>>more interesting perhaps to people here, thanks to networking's wonders
>>it has been only a month since the cave paintings were found and
>>suddenly everyone in the online world can read about and even see
>>Compare this time lag -- a month -- to the time it has taken for us to
>>gain access to the Dead Sea Scrolls. Compare it to the notorious time -
>>lags on the publication of national bibliographies historically: these
>>too might be sped up now, like everything else which takes advantage of
>>the nets. This is not, of course, to ignore the non - technical aspects
>>of the publication process, which were notorious in the case of the
>>Scrolls. Nor is it to minimize the dangers of too - rapid publication,
>>pace the defenders of rapid access. But, a month!
>>The caves were found in December, the French Minister of Culture
>>announced the discovery January 17, the images and text appeared online
>>on January 24. The homepage appears to have been assembled by Michel
>>Bottin, and it was announced by Bruno Mannoni, both of the Ministry. If
>>you don't yet have Mosaic, or its NetScape / NetCruiser / etc.
>>incarnations, lynx will get you at least to the text. But you really
>>should see the images online -- not Kodansha quality yet, but one can
>>feel that coming -- to appreciate the full significance of the event.
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>> | 1992 as a small - scale, personal, experiment, in the
>> | of large - scale "information overload", by Jack Kessler.
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