=?ISO-8859-1?Q?Yanomam=F6?= biosphere?

Lynn Sikkink (Lynn.Sikkink@LAWRENCE.EDU)
Thu, 26 Jan 1995 12:27:34 -0600

Fellow list participants:

In a course for anthropology majors, we are currently discussing the =
surrounding the Yanomam=F6, both from the angle of their alleged "fie=
and also the issues surrounding encroachment on their land by gold mi=
the involvement of anthropolgists and missionaries, etc. I assigned a=
1992 Cultural Survival Quarterly article about attempts to make a par=
or biosphere reserve, but I would like to give my students an update =
those efforts since the article came out. As there is a brand new pre=
in Brazil I imaginge that Brazil's part of the project has gone to th=
back burner, but I also wonder what Venuzuela has been up to.

I would appreciate any information from you, either news you know
or references for articles I can read, about the current state of
affairs... Thanks.

Lynn Sikkink, Lawrence University
=09--lynn.sikkink@lawrence.edu =20