take it back

Alysa Walsh (amw@LC.LINDENWOOD.EDU)
Thu, 26 Jan 1995 11:36:46 -0600

Michael Bauser and John Ford, while advocating anthro undergrads to speak
up and not 'run away' from conflict and debate, seem somewhat
contradictory in their remarks. By using such language as "whimps" and
telling us what we need is "backbones", the blame is put on this younger
generation of anthro students -- instead of where it belongs, on those
who feel the only way to get their point across is by being ego-inflated
and obnoxious.

Do I really face being run out of AAA meetings by one-day
Dr. Michael Bauser for not having a "backbone" on the anthro-list? Am I
really a "whimp" because I don't agree with some tactics of those who get
into "heated debates" here on the list? Such comments are big
overgeneralizations. Not all anthro undergrads melt in the face of

Tactful, intelligent debate is a lot different from name-calling
("whimps") . Furthermore, the anthro list (and the Internet in
general) provides
protection for those who, like the aforementioned, may or may
not truly possess all of the marvelous qualities they claim we neophytes
just entering the "hard-edged" academic world lack. I guess we'll know
how Dr. Michael Bauser really is when we meet him in ten years at the AAA
meetings, running the unworthy (those without "backbones") out with their
tails between their legs...

Alysa Walsh