Re: Darwinfish & Native American Chants

Eugenie C. Scott (ncse@CRL.COM)
Wed, 18 Jan 1995 08:55:54 -0800

Although there is no way that NCSE can compete with the genius of Tom
Lehrer, it should be noted that NCSE is also a source of Darwinfish (and
Darwinfish lapel pins, truly nifty). It is also a worthy nonprofit,
etc. Info can be found about such things from the e-mail and 800 number




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On Sun, 15 Jan 1995, Scott Holmes wrote:

> In searching for Darwinfish I came across a small (in-home) business
> that distributes unusual musical tapes. Random Factors (compuserve
> 70501.672 or, aside from having an extensive
> list of Tom Leher and PDQ Bach titles they list several titles described
> as Native American chants and/or traditional instruments. I have no
> idea as to the authenticity of this stuff but anyone providing
> Darwinfish can be all bad.
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