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Trish Clay

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> Subject: World Bank Policy Research Bulletin
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> Some members of the list may be interested in having their names
> added to the mailing list of the World Bank Policy Research
> Bulletin. I have just received the most recent issue [Vol. 5, No.
> 4] and, as always, have found much of interest in the publica-
> tion. The Bulletin is published five times a year by the Bank's
> Research Advisory Staff.
> Each issue of the Bulletin typically examines, in some depth, an
> issue of general interest in development economics, profiles
> current research projects in the Bank, and identifies recent
> Policy Research Working Papers which may be requested without
> charge.
> This brief profile does not do the Bulletin justice. I have
> found something of interest in every issue I have received, and
> recommend it highly to members of the list. Subscriptions to be
> Bulletin are available without charge, and may be ordered by fax
> [202-477-0955] or by sending a request to:
> Ms. Evelyn Alfaro
> Room N9-017
> The World Bank
> 1818 H Street, N.W.
> Washington, DC 20433
> U.S.A.