Human Genome Diversity Project

Thu, 27 Jan 1994 13:47:55 EST5EDT

I'm looking for articles (scholarly journals, newspapers, magazines,
anything) on native/indigenous/aboriginal responses to the Human
Genome Diversity Project. These responses could come from any
geographical area. I'm aware that there was discussion of this
recently on Native-L, but I need more sources than that.
A note on the list, from one who usually lurks: yes, sometimes it
gets childish, but then I'm reading it, aren't I (kind of like
lambasting television before sitting down for your nightly Next
Generation rerun). Generally it's useful; a friend got much valuable
information from the recent ethnographic film thread, and even cited
some of you in her thesis (perhaps a needed reminder that what you
say here is public, not contained in the little box in front of you).
Thanks in advance for any help on the HGDP, Regina
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