Usefulness of list/chiapas

carter pate (CPATE@UTCVM.BITNET)
Thu, 27 Jan 1994 13:17:08 EST

Re Headland and at least one other msg I noted but lost:
My symnpathy to those who find some large portions of the list not to thei
r particular interests. But why not stir up and challenge others to these inte
rests. I too find the long-winded and personal arguments distracting and somet
imes offensive, but that's the cost of a list where we can float a balloon and
then explore mutual interests with those who respond.
I'm about four days behind on filtering my msgs, but the titles don't reve
al much interest on what's been going on in Chiapas. I have a student who part
icipates in Native-L, and says there's been a lot on it. Can someone summarize
and keep us updated? Just to stir things up, The Chattanooga Times this
has a tine notice about a forensic authority, who confirms an earlkier report o
n prisoners evidently exzecuted by the Mexican army. And at the same time, wit
hout jumping to total condemnation, there's some hint of the guerrillas using s
ome strategies resembling the Sendero Luminoso. Are we in for a new Salvador o
r Guatemala within our NAFTA partner? (Incidentally, have you heard about
recent efforts to close the School for the Armericas at Fort Benning, GA?)
Perhaps there's someone closer to the field, perhaps some representation o
f more than one view. The fragments on NPR and PBS are welcome, but all too li