(COPY) Northridge and LA area library report (fwd)

Fri, 21 Jan 1994 12:54:00 PST

This is Steve Maack, write-talking from home on my wife's account. Our house
and computers survived the 6.6 earthquake and afterschocks up to 5.1 with no
apparent structural damage. Micros have been living under desks until today.
Thought you might like the info below. UCLA has Royce Hall (its building
symbol) closed indefinitely with major damage to both towers. Haines Hall
(where Anthro is) has bad looking cracks on all three floors but is still
open. The major university library at UCLA reopened yesterday and expected
normal hours today. CSU, Northridge is not so fortunate -- very close to
the epicenter. I have a job application in there, but don't expect to hear
about it now for some time. My job at CSU, Chancellor's Office ended last
Friday (January 14) and the earthquake came on Monday (17th) -- draw your
own conclusions about that!! ; - >

I applied for unemployment yesterday, but had to go to a different office
because Santa Monica one was in building closed by earthquake damage. I hope
to be working for two weeks on a temporary job at CSU, Hayward beginning
January 31. Need to crank up the job hunting machine again. Until the 31st
and after February 11 you may reach me here at my wife's e-mail address of
ino2mnm@mvs.oac.ucla.edu but please don't overload her mailbox. Later.
Steve Maack


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FYI. John

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fyi. psa

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The Northridge info is from the Assoc. Dir. for Libraries at the
CSU System Office in Los Alamitos, Gordon Smith.

The CSUN library has received serious damage that is still being evaluated.
Yesterday experts were in the building, but not on upper floors, due to
dangers from aftershocks. The building has been most heavily damaged in
the older center section. The two newer wings are in better shape. The
random access computerized book retrieval system appears physically to be
undamaged, but its actual condition is unknown. Apparently the roof has
not 'caved in' and the building is NOT 'a pile of rubble', both of which
are rumors that have appeared on the nets. However, it is unknown how much
of the building or collection can be salvaged at this time. Presumably
most of the books have no worse damage than from falling. It is unknown
whether the center part of the building can be rebuilt, repaired, etc.
The experts hoped to get to the upper floors sometime today.

All buildings on the Northridge campus have significant structural damage.
The spring semester is scheduled to begin on 1/31. At this moment they
hope to begin the semester one week later, but that is VERY tentative
at this time.

Northridge staff appear to have come through the quake without significant
physical harm to their persons. Of course many of them have homes that
have suffered various degrees of damage. Sue Curzon, the director, has
telephone service at her home, but no other utilities.

All Northridge info is current as of about two hours ago. Things will
change, of course.

Other bits and pieces from various sources, all considered highly
reliable, but not guaranteed.

CSU LA has about 6000 books down.
CSU San Bernardino has about 6000 books down.
CSU Fullerton has 150,000 to 200,000 books down.
UC Riverside had substantial damage to books in Special Collections.
UC Riverside had about 1500 books down.
Pepperdine's Plaza Library had one broken window and about a quarter of the
books down.
CSUN and UCLA are now non suppliers on OCLC until further notice.
UCLA Research Library had 'lots of books fall'.
Southern Regional Library Facility had minor superficial damage and a few
dozen books down.
UC San Diego had no problems.
UC Irvine had several thousand books down.
8 branches of LA Public had major damage according to news media.
Thousand Oaks Public had some things fall and sprinkler damage to a new
Cal Poly Pomona had a few hundred books down.
UCLA Research Library had some damage to lights and ceiling. Towell Library
at UCLA had about 1/3 of their books down. UCLA Law Library had some
buckled stacks and many books down, about two feet deep in aisles.
Occidental College had all A-B, J-L, and half of government documents
dumped on floor.
Santa Monica City College appealed for volunteers to help to reshelve
130,000 books.
Simi Valley library damaged.
Thousand Oaks Library damaged.

Additions and corrections solicited, either to list or to me personally.


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