SAS-Net and SAS-Depot

Fri, 21 Jan 1994 15:03:12 EST

SAS-Net and SAS-Depot

Members of SAS will be pleased to learn that these services have now been
established, after several years of talking about it without much action. It
has finally been prompted into life by the marvelous pioneering examples set by
the Conservation Information Network in Canada, and the Archaeological
Information Exchange Network which was founded at Southampton University.

As access to Internet has grown in the last couple of years, it is now much
easier for people inside cooperative networks like Bitnet to communicate and
exchange information with colleagues around the world through electronic mail
incurring only trivial costs. In addition, the advent of FTP and Telnet now
permit rapid and inexpensive movement of large bodies of data from one part of
the world to the other. The Society has established two associated services for
the benefit of members which take advantage of these developments.

1: Electronic Mailbox Network (SAS-Net)

This will function as a mail re-distribution service. For example, if you wish
to make a general inquiry about some problem or aspect of your academic work
which you think another SAS member may be able to help with, then write a short
note and send it by e-mail to SAS-Net. Your note will be relayed to all other
registered members, and one or more may respond directly to you or back to
SAS-Net. It is also a suitable place to send notices such as advertisements for
jobs relating to archaeological science, and engage in discussion on topics of
mutual interest. There is no cost to register, but you must be a member of SAS.

2: Filestore Depot (SAS-Depot)

This is a place where you can leave material which you think other SAS members
may be interested in gaining access to on an individual basis, such as major
pieces of software (either code or binary files), databases, compilations such
as bibliographies, regional C14 date lists, etc.

How do these Services Work in Practice ?

To contribute some item to SAS-Net, simply prepare a message in your computer,
and send it to the internet address for SAS-Net ( The
manager of the service checks incoming mail to see that it is suitable for
re-distribution and then relays it to all registered members. Some points to
notice: Firstly, people who are not members of SAS may send an item, and this
may be distributed if the manager thinks that members would be interested, but
it will contain a Banner saying that it is from a Non-Member. This restriction
is to try and keep junk-mail down to a minimum. Secondly, SAS-Net is not a
large group of people, but if and when the volume of material rises to an
unacceptable level so that some of it effectively becomes junk- mail, the
manager will introduce a keyword system to re- distribute only to a smaller
selection of members. This is why the Registration Form requests keywords
which specify your interests in archaeological science.

To contribute something to SAS-Depot, use your FTP software to connect onto the
node which is used for this purpose ( or using
the appropriate userid/password which is dump/dump, and then send the file you
have prepared (software or datafile). You must include a short note with the
file which gives your name and address, a brief description of what it is, and
a statement that you either hold the copyright, or that it is shareware. The
manager checks any file which turns up for viruses and then places it in the
open SAS area, so that members may download the file if they wish.

To get something from the SAS-Depot, use your FTP software to connect onto the
node which is used for this purpose ( using the appropriate
userid/password which is anonymous/guest, and then change to the SAS sub-
directory. This is accomplished with the command:

FTP> cd [.SAS] <return>

There is an index which you can browse through which contains a brief
description of the files present. Any material of interest can be uplifted with
appropriate FTP commands.

People unfamiliar with FTP should consult a local advisor; however the Manager
of these SAS services will be able respond to most questions by sending an
e-mail message requesting specific help.

Registration form

If you wish to be a member of SAS-Net and SAS-Depot, please send the following
details to and you will be added to the list. Note
that you must be a financial member of the Society for Archaeological Sciences
to register.

1: Name:
2: Postal Address:
3: E-mail Address:
4: Does your site possess FTP software ?
5: Keywords:
(specify your range of interests in Archaeological Science)

Some Bitnet and Earn users are still not connected to internet, and if you are
therefore unable to mail to the present address for SAS-Net, please send your
registration details to one of the following addresses:

Rob Sternberg
Department of Geosciences, Franklin and Marshall College
Lancaster, Pennsylvania 17604-3003 USA
telephone: (717) 291-4134 fax: (717) 291-4186

_________________ANTHRO-L LISTOWNER_________________