Cecilia Maria B Sardenberg (cecisard@SUNRNP.UFBA.BR)
Thu, 13 Jan 1994 10:18:20 -0200

Upon reading my e-mail today (external input) two 'big' questions came
into my mind (material or immaterial ?): 1. is discussing the 'sex of the
angels' the new 'in thing' in post-post-modern anthropology ? 2. is the
M.Lieber who is cited in the discussions, my long-time-no-see friend
Michael whom I met back at the '76 AAA meetings in DC and who used to
live in Wellesley ? If so, and if he is reading this, please M.Lieber,
send me word here to Brazil through the e-mail...

Ceci ('cecisard@sunrnp.ufba.br)