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} Tip Sheet
} January 12, 1994
} Anthropologist Warns Against United States Support of Efforts to Suppress
} Zapatista
} The history of Mexico's colonial and neocolonial suppression and
} exploitation of its indigenous Mayan people is well known to
} anthropologists and historians. However, this fact is not well understood
} by United States leaders who should not permit the United States to be
} drawn into further suppression of the indigenous Zapatista struggle for
} social justice in Chiapas, Mexico and elsewhere.
} It is now clear that in Mexico the social and economic costs of
} NAFTA will be borne disproportionately by indigenous communities and the
} lower classes. NAFTA and similar agreements will benefit the Mestizo
} middle and upper classes who have continued to oppress Mayan and other
} indigenous people. As part of NAFTA the United States should insist on
} reform in Mexico's treatment of its indigenous people to include guarantees
} of greater self-determination, return of expropriated land, and guarantees
} of improved education and health care.
} The United States State Department should also consider placing
} limitations on U.S. sponsored missionary and commercial intervention in the
} lives of Mayan and other indigenous people of Chiapas and elsewhere. Such
} missionary and commercial groups based in the United States have become an
} intrusive and frequently disturbing force in Mexico's indigenous
} communities.
} Unless more is done to prevent the exploitation of indigenous
} people in Mexico, further guerrilla reaction is likely, perhaps in forms
} resembling the Sendero Luminoso (Shining Path) movement in Peru.
} For further information contact Deward E. Walker, Jr. at the
} University of Colorado at Boulder (303) 492-6719.
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