douglass st.christian..... (stchri@MCMAIL.CIS.MCMASTER.CA)
Mon, 10 Jan 1994 09:59:58 -0500

just a brief note on the fly, reacting to mr. graber's assertions about

at the end of the pomo-day, i think we have been served up a warning. of
all the discussion of reality/truth/that
nasty-pomo-gang-insulting-real-anthropologists, it has been the banal,
vacuous, devil-fearing pronouncements about something [ some Thingie to
borrow from dan foss] called the truth about post-modernism which have
had the quality of revelations. unquestionable divine inspirations the
explanation of which mr.graber will not share because revelation is
beyond explanation.

anthropologists fumble around in the dark a lot. sometimes because the
world we try to see is all shadows and ambiguities, sometimes because we
simply forget to turn on the light, and somCetimes, as in the case of these
'let me show you just what a great anthropolgist i am by destroying a
fantasy for you' pm revelations, because someone steals the [epithet
deleted] candle.

i have a different question/agenda today. if the nature and form of the
question privileges the nature, form and content of the possible answers,
can it ever be safely and honestly said that the much vaunted knowledge of
science [let's call the detritus we honour as science knowledge, just
because i want to] is ever anything more a kind of smug
self-congratulatory posturing.


dougl st.christian

***Remember, postmodernism is not a theory, it's an attitude***